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Zen Cart Easy populate installation in ver 1.5

download the files from


Copy the files as per the given structure of the zip file.

go to admin>tools>sql patches

copy the following script

INSERT INTO admin_pages (`page_key`, `language_key`, `main_page`, `page_params`, `menu_key`, `display_on_menu`, `sort_order`) VALUES
(‘ezpopulate’, ‘BOX_TOOLS_EASYPOPULATE’, ‘FILENAME_EASYPOPULATE’, ”, ‘tools’, ‘Y’, 150);

you will have easy populate under admin>tools.  On choosing the easypopulate option from this menu, will show you the screen for installation.


Reset Zencart Admin Password using MYSQL – how to?

Open your phpMyAdmin (supplied by your hosting company), select your store’s database, then click the “SQL” tab and run this query:

DELETE FROM admin WHERE admin_name = ‘Admin’;

INSERT INTO admin (admin_name, admin_email, admin_pass, admin_profile) VALUES (‘Admin’, ‘admin@localhost’, ‘351683ea4e19efe34874b501fdbf9792:9b’, 1);

Your new user name is : Admin

your new password is : admin

Once you are in, change the email id and pwd for the cart. so that they are secured.